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Comprehensive Exams For Children and Adults

Dr. Mirate brings his extensive training, decades of experience, and common-sense approach to every patient’s examination.

Our comprehensive examination is a thorough evaluation of your entire visual system, including vision, muscle balance, glaucoma testing, and a detailed retina evaluation. Our goal is to detect eye disorders and medical conditions before they cause problems. Early detection and treatment helps to preserve vision and your good health.

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Eye and Eyelid Surgery

Dr. Mirate offers surgical treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, astigmatism, cosmetic and functional eyelid problems, dry eyes and pterygium.

Our convenient office surgical facility is available for laser surgery for glaucoma and secondary cataracts, and surgical procedures for correction of pterygium, dry eyes, and eyelid problems.

Cataract patients appreciate our use of no-stitch outpatient surgery for maximum comfort. We offer:

  • Advance lens implants and surgery to reduce astigmatism
  • Advanced Cataract Surgery is a laser-assisted, blade-free procedure that offers clearer vision and less anxiety than basic cataract surgery. For more information click here.
  • Full light spectrum lens implants for true color
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Urgent Eye Care

We offer same day appointments for urgent eye problems such as:

  • Sudden vision loss
  • Eye pain
  • Double vision
  • Flashes, floaters, or spots in vision
  • Red, watery, or irritated eyes

If you experiencing any urgent eye problem, please call us at 229-242-8852 or 800-34VISION (800-348-4746).

If you are having a medical emergency, call 911 now!

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Advanced Cataract Surgery

Do you want clearer, sharper vision after cataract surgery? Do you want a more precise, more controlled procedure with less anxiety? If so, please consider Advanced Cataract Surgery.

Advanced Cataract Surgery is a laser-assisted, blade-free procedure that offers clearer vision and less anxiety than basic cataract surgery. This is accomplished by using an advanced femtosecond laser to make precise incisions quickly and painlessly while holding the eye perfectly steady. Patient movement or blinking is not a concern. The cataract is more easily removed from the eye, and an optically clear intraocular lens (IOL) is implanted in its place. Distorted vision from astigmatism is reduced with precise laser corneal incisions, or by implanting an astigmatism-reducing toric IOL. Each patient’s visual system is carefully assessed with extensive pre-operative testing to select IOL powers that achieve a range of vision from desk to distance.

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Lid Lift Surgery

Perhaps you have noticed extra folds of skin on your eyelids that make you look older. Or you may have noted swollen, puffy upper lids, or bags under the lower lids. Not only might you be displeased with your appearance, but you may be noticing subtle changes in your vision. There may be a shadow or a restriction of your vision that resolves when you lift up your brows. Reading may have become tedious for the same reason. Ladies may have found that makeup applied to the upper lids ends up in smears and creases, and gentlemen may have been accused of being inattentive or sleepy due to the partially closed appearance of the eyelids.

If you can identify with these symptoms, you may benefit from a surgical procedure called blepharoplasty. This is an office or outpatient procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the eyelids. Ask Dr. Mirate to discuss your concerns, his surgical technique, and the desired outcome. Your evaluation will include photographs to document the extent of the problem, and a visual field test to document reduction in vision due to the eyelids. If the visual restriction is severe enough, you may use your medical insurance to help pay for the surgery.

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Blepharitis Treatment

Blepharitis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the eyelids, usually caused by an imbalance of the natural skin bacteria. It can also be caused by allergies, demodex infestation, and other irritants. In some cases, excess secretions and blockage of the oils glands in the eye lids cause red, irritated, thick lids, and the for mation of styes

Treatment consists of a combination of lid hygiene, warm compresses, topical and oral antibiotics. It can take weeks to months for the condition to be controlled.

When the usual recommended treatments are not sufficient, a short series of in-office blepharitis treatments may reduce symptoms more rapidly.

The treatment begins with cleaning the eyelashes and lid margins, then applying the patient’s warming mask (from the patient’s own eyelid care kit purchased at Mirate Eye Center). Next, excess secretions are expressed from the oil glands, the eyes are rinsed, and prescription antibiotic is applied directly to the oil gland openings in the eye lids. The entire procedure takes about 20 minutes, and can be repeated monthly as needed.

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Pilot Services

Pilots have unique visual needs, created by extremes of lighting conditions, LED displays, variable near vision distances from the yoke to across the panel, simulators with the “distance” view just a few feet away, and physical constraints of headphone pads. We offer glasses designed specifically for pilots:

Prescription gradient sunglasses

  • 10% upper lens light transmission for really bright days
  • 20% lower segment light transmission for viewing the panel
  • Front and rear anti-reflective technology to reduce glare
  • Non-polarized for viewing LED displays
  • Thin temples for greater comfort with headphones

Simulator glasses

  • “distance” prescription customized for viewing the screen just a few feet away
  • Anti-reflective technology

CFI/CFII glasses

  • Progressive add lenses with extra wide intermediate range for viewing the left seat panel from the right seat

Night flight glasses

  • Prescription based on measurements in a darkened examination room
  • Anti-reflective technology
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